Thursday, June 26, 2014

Husband Development Update At 33 Years Old

Moms always make those "baby growth development updates", so I thought why not making one for husbands, too? After all, there aren't many differences, right?? Right??

Husband Development Update ( 33 Years ):

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Working in The Entertainment Business (Films/TV) - Japan. Another job option for mamas

I think the title should rather be "working as a foreigner in the entertainment business in Japan".

In this post:
Agencies types.
How to get jobs .
The highest point your career can get.
Obvious scams (apart from the agencies with "payment issues").

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Take On Relationships With Japanese Men (and where to find one)

I saw many threads/blogs describing Japanese men. With some I agree, but with some I don't.
In terms of serious/marriage relationships I've been only in one (and the guy is my DH now). However, I've been approached gazillion of times, some even pretended to be my friends and some didn't even care I'm already taken. Anyway, if you are interested in how it's like to date Japanese guys (or if you are already dating and just want to "compare notes" lol), read on:

Freelance Journalism Work in Japan (whether you are a mama or not)

So, in this post I'd like to share my experience freelancing for major (and not so major) media companies.
I apologize if my visible sarcasm sounds bitter, I just want this post to be honest and bullshit-free. Feel free to ask me questions in the comment section.

* My (short) Opinion
* How To Apply (and how to get exclusives- in short)
* Money
* Bottom Line