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My personal-experience review on their terrible service that is almost unbelievable for such prospering and international 

 Had a blast at this amazing event, held every year, absolutely for free. Seriously, there are event welcome snacks and drinks. Kids are welcome! 

A HUGE yearly party-like event, in which an entire area of several streets participates. Most of the stores invite DJs and hand out free product samples and lots of free food and beverages. The malls in the area hold mini fashion shows, talks with celebrities and turn intire floors into free "night clubs".

A great event to attend if you are looking to try/see different items for your babies/kids, get some for free and have free entertainment for your little ones for few hours. 


Product Review: Axes Femme Clothing Brand 


One of my favorite fashion brands. Great quality and feminine designs that 
"bring you back in time".


Product Review: Schedule Book Made As If Manga Book

Short Review about this seemingly awesome schedule book. 


Place Review: Illusion Museum By Meiji Univerisity - Lots of Free Fun For The Entire Family

Is this a car? Or a cat?


Product Review: Japanese Snack Loved By Kids That Tastes Like Pork Cutlet

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